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I was not an eighth grade goth. I never wore Jnco’s with chains or straps. I didn’t wear t-shirts that said “I hear voices”. I never wore platform mary-janes. (That last one was a lie.) But I did, and will probably always have, a weird obsession with skulls. There’s something about a skull that intrigues me. Maybe it’s that most human functions come from within it — the power of thought, sight, smell, taste, and nearly all of our motor functions — all come from deep within our skulls. I should be obsessed with brains (I am, though), you would think. But no, it’s skulls. In honor of my Skullsession, here are some really awesome skull products I’d like to have in my life.

Wilton’s 3-D Candy Mold

Uhh… HELLO!!?? Radness. And only $1.99!

If I can find these in Michael’s, I’m definitely picking them up. Even if I didn’t decide to use them for candy, I can imagine casting resin in them and that excites parts of me I didn’t know existed.

Wilton’s Dimensions 3-D Skull Pan

Slap some Magnolia’s Bakery Red Velvet cake mix in and… cut that mother up!

I’m hoping I can find a way to get this for my birthday. It only runs about $31, and with a trusty 40% off coupon it comes out to about $19. Quite a steal if you ask me. I’d make a million skull cakes.

Iosselliani Small Skull Cameo Necklace


Alexander McQueen Large Skull Set Ring

Okay. For the $217 price tag I can slightly understand why it’s worth that kind of money. Alexander was an incredible designer and deserves all the credit he gets. I really love how this is something so elegant and traditional with a little bit of edge, which is a large reflection of my style as a whole. If I ever found this in a garbage pail (which is the only way I’d ever get it) I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

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Justin Bieber “U Smile” 800 Times Slower

Whoa. I just found this and my heart kind of stopped. I genuinely expected something awful but… it was honestly 35 minutes of ambient whale music heaven. Like a dolphin making out with God. I wish all crappy pop artists would write music this way. I’d probably enjoy the stuff more. It also goes to show you how easy it is to transfer something obnoxious into something endearing. God, I love technology. Viva La Paulstretch!

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First off I’d like to state that I am abnormally obsessed with sugar scrubs. I used to hoard them from Bath and Body Works, and with each small container costing around $12 a pop I realized how simple and much cheaper it is to make my own (even better!) scrub.

How to make a great Brown Sugar Scrub (more…)

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YouTube – Incredible pop-out painter.

Such a cool idea. I wouldn’t call it incredible though. A little cliché and generic in the basis, perhaps even art schoolish, but I appreciate it for the face value. It’s a form of performance bridging the gap of photography, paint, the human form, and how we can’t rely on a flat canvas to tell every story. Very interesting concept.

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Lush Cosmetics… where do I begin? Delicious smelling and fun, these all natural (most are vegan and ALL are organic!) little gems are an amazing way to relax at the end of the day. They have an array of products from Lip Balms, Face Masks, All-Natural Hair Dyes, Solid Lotion Bars, and Perfume among many other amazing products. I am a huge fan of their Bubble Bars which are basically solid bubble bath bars. You can cut them up (I wouldn’t recommend cutting them down more than once in half, also and be sure that your knife and hands are dry or the bar will melt) and get more than one bath from each bar, depending upon how concentrated you want your experience to be. They melt easily and my favorite, “Sunnyside“, smells like fresh tangerines and turns your bath water into melted gold (literally, it’s full of extremely fine glitter!) Now the only drawback is the cleanup. You do have to spend a little extra time, and I do mean only a little, getting this stuff up especially if you’ve purchased a Bubble Bar or Bath Bomb with actual flowers mixed in. But if you’re diligent with your cleaning products and give it a spray right after you’ve finished your bath you shouldn’t experience any ringing around the tub-y (har har).

The scrubs offered by Lush often tend to run on the expensive side… I’m talking upwards of $5 for a one-time use sugar scrub bomb or $9 for a tiny lipgloss sized pot. HOLY CRAP?! I’ll make my own. I have a recipe for a fast, easy, and much cheaper sugar scrub I’ll be posting within the next few days. This is probably the only thing I wouldn’t recommend buying because you can easily make your own and it’s completely custom!

There are a few Lush locations in SoHo New York and the only Long Island location is in Valley Stream. I’m unsure of this being a full retail location or a smaller version of such, but I know for a fact the SoHo location is the real deal. So if you’re ever in the city, or live near Valley Stream I would definitely recommend checking them out.

With my birthday coming up at the beginning of the month (September 10th, don’t forget it!) I really, really want a Fresh Farmacy cleanser bar because my skin has been awful and Chocolate Whipstick because hello, chocolate?! But if you’re feeling kind… and there’s always gift cards! Enough about me, have fun browsing around and experiencing some sincerely awesome product from a sincerely awesome corporation.

Get creative, get fun, get Lush!

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YouTube – Make Your Own Pore Strips.

Milk and unflavored gelatin? Who knew it was so easy! I’m definitely going to try this out soon, I really hope it works because I won’t have to pay $6 a box for those pore strips ever again!!

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